Designing Your Dream Home – Doing It The Right Way

Designing Your Dream Home – Doing It The Right Way

While it is possible to design your home yourself, hiring a professional architect will save you time and money. However, this does not mean that you, the prospective homeowner, have nothing to contribute. Most prospective homeowners have a picture of their dream home in mind. Since it is not easy to find an existing home that matches your vision, getting one built is the only solution. When designing a home, you need to consider several factors.

You might also need a qualified architect’s approval to build your home

Start the process with a vision

Before drawing the design, consult an architect. There are software applications that can help with the design process. An architect will help you create the right design. You might also need a qualified architect’s approval to build your home.
Tour your favorite neighborhoods to draw inspiration. Maybe there are homes you like. You don’t necessarily have to like all of their features. But there will still be something that you like about them. Draw inspiration from those features.

Visit open houses

These homes will have many features that you like and don’t like. While designing your home, incorporate those features that you like. You also need to take note of the features you dislike.

Take photographs

If you find a home that you like, shoot it from every possible angle. These photos will have more detail than what you saw in person.

Get organized

Buy a computation book. You should keep it until you have finished building your dream home. If you draw your sketches on scrap papers, you will lose them. A numbered book will keep your sketches neat and organized. You can also use this book to record everything associated with the project, including numbers, quotes, contractors, and everything else.

Prepare a list of all the features you want your home to have. Once you have got this list ready, it is time to get specific about what you need and what you don’t need.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Where would you like to live – in cities, suburbs, or rural areas?
  • Do you want to build an expansive bungalow or a small home for two?
  • Do you prefer detailed craftsmanship to clean, modern lines?
  • Will you be happy with conventional building techniques? Are you looking to build a LEED-certified home?
  • There is one more thing that you need to consider – your budget.

Provide as much information as you can to your builder or architect. The more information you provide, the easier it becomes for them to build the home of your dreams.

Consider the landscape

Building on level ground is a whole lot easier than building on a hilly area. If the home is going to be built in a heavily-wooded area, you will perhaps have to forget about solar panels.

Have realistic expectations

The energy considerations should match the locality and available facilities. If the lot is near a busy intersection or freeway, you need to consider acoustics as well.

Develop a design

Hire a professional architect. You want your home to give you years of fulfillment. The best way to make this happen is to hire an architect. Prepare a rough sketch of your home. You can use software to prepare the floor plan. There is a limit to what you can accomplish using the software. While building the home, you have to consider practical aspects such as flood planes, structural integrity, slope, drainage, and other details. The best way to take care of these aspects is to work with a professional architect.

Feel free to make mistakes during the vision phase. They won’t cost you anything. If you make mistakes during the design phase, you will lose time. And if mistakes are made during the building phase, they will cost you money. So hire pros whenever that is necessary.

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