Do I Need a Lot Before Finding a Builder?

Do I Need a Lot Before Finding a Builder?

You don’t mandatorily need a plot before finding a builder. Because reputed builders have been in the business for long and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Aerial view of lot highlighted
Aerial view of lot highlighted

If you are thinking of building your dream home in the Rio Grande Valley, location is obviously a priority. While some homeowners already possess plots, others rely on their builders to find them the best fit. So, you don’t mandatorily need a plot before finding a builder.  And why is that? Because reputed builders have been in the business for long and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Here are a few reasons you don’t need a site beforehand and can trust your builder to find one for you:

A site needs to be inspected

Not every lot is suitable for building. Not every suitable lot is fitting for the house you desire. While most people think of views and facilities around the house, builders look at it differently. When you sit down with a floor plan you realize you need slopes or the lot needs to be modified. Sometimes the land you own at present may depreciate in value so much that you end up with an unsellable lot. Hence, don’t worry if you don’t possess one already.

Talk to your builder to understand the kind of site you need – elevations, soil properties, and the projected value of the site 5 years down the line.

Builders have the right connections

If you need an authentic site inspection you will have to go through the legal formalities, search for assessors, and do a lot of running around. All these are quickly solved when you hand over lot requirements to the construction company.

The more experienced a builder is, the wider is their professional network. From real estate agents to suppliers to local civic planners, your builder is highly likely to have connections at high places. All this makes it easier – not only land buying or assessing but the entire home building process itself.

Builders are always on the lookout for lots

There are many things a builder looks out for and plots are one of them. If you are training your eyes on a bit of earth to build your house on, chances are your builder is looking at it too. Most construction companies acquire plots for their projects throughout the year. They know how to negotiate with sellers and agents and get what they want. So why take on the burden yourself when your builder can do it for you?

Besides, your chosen home builder might already have a lot of plots ready to build on. And they are likely very carefully chosen and secured for construction.

Builders can help you with loans

Building a house is expensive and no one spends all of their life’s savings on it. Instead, they look for financing. Similarly, if you want to buy a lot, your builder can connect you with the right lender. They enjoy the support of many financial institutions or companies that help you with getting the loan, negotiating terms of repayments, fixing loan duration, and getting possible concessions. If you are doing it all alone, you will first need to find a reliable bank that offers a suitable loan. Then, you must get approval from the builder from the bank to finally get the money in your hand.

Home builders cut down on time and expenses

What an average homeowner does in 30 days looking for a plot, an experienced builder does in a week. And all because they know the right people and exude the right amount of influence. Time is money and every residential builder knows it. Just imagine how much time you would otherwise spend on just buying a piece of land – meeting sellers, visiting the site, connecting with assessors, visiting banks, and getting various approvals. And doing all these along with going to work and managing household responsibilities.

To sum up

Don’t despair if you don’t have a plot yet. It won’t stand in the way of building your dream house. So save up on your resources and let your builder take care of all your housing needs. Get in touch with a builder near you to find out the most suitable sites for your house.

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