Why is McAllen the Best Place to Build a New Home?

Why is McAllen the Best Place to Build a New Home?

Thinking of settling in one of the states of the US? Texas is one of the US states that have …

New home in McAllen TX with green yard
New home in McAllen TX with green yard

Thinking of settling in one of the states of the US? Texas is one of the US states that have gained massive popularity in recent years. It’s amongst the top 20 affordable states to live in in 2022 in the US. Within Texas, McAllen is also amongst the top 10 most affordable towns.

As of 2019, the median household income in McAllen, Texas, was $46,804. Whereas the median household income in the US is $65,712, making it one of the most affordable towns in the US.

Not only this but there are various other reasons why you can choose to build a new home in McAllen.

Reasons to Build Home in McAllen

Affordable Cost of Living

The key that makes McAllen the best place to build a new home is its low cost of living. Be it custom-made homes or move-in homes, the property prices in McAllen have seen a sharp rise. A typical house property in McAllen can be bought for $187,000.

Also, the average commute time in McAllen is about just 18.6 minutes only.

Suitable Weather

One of the prime reasons you choose McAllen for a new home is its suitable weather. McAllen has perfect weather if you hate extreme winters and love to have long summers.

The winter season in McAllen starts in December and ends in mid-February. It has long summers from mid-February to August and the warm and hot summers in early February and March. The sweltering summers are in June and July, and after that, the climate switches to moderate summers. The maximum temperature in summers reaches up to 97 degrees F. In winters, the coldest days touch 52 degrees F.

Less Population

Do you want to live in a less crowded area? McAllen is best for people who like less crowded places. McAllen has a population of 1,060,000 people only. Also, this is only after an increase of 2.22% compared to last year.

The majority of people living in McAllen are Americans, and the rest include people from other countries. Also, the foreign-born population in McAllen is increasing. Still, it is a great place to live as less population means less crowded areas and better job opportunities.

Call For Mexican Food Lovers

If you are a big fan of Mexican food, you may find McAllen attractive. It is known for its delectable Mexican food. There are a variety of Mexican food joints in McAllen, like the Los Asados Mexican Restaurant, Costa Messa Restaurant, Don Pepe’s, and many others.

Best For Simple Living

McAllen is also known for its simple living. It is a modern city and still feasible for those who like to live a plain and simple life. Besides this, it also has good educational facilities. It nestles some good universities like South Texas College, Platt College, the college of Health are and Professions within its premises.

The town is also famous in specific major fields like general studies, criminal justice, safety studies, early childhood education, and training and welding technology. There is also scope for other majors like general business, nursing, social work, biological sciences, and many others.

Rich in Entertainment

You do not have to live a saint’s life while in McAllen. Entertainment is always a few minutes away. If you are bored on weekends, you could have fun exploring McAllen. There are always fun events happening in McAllen. You can stay tuned through the exploreMcAllen.com website.

You can attend special events, go shopping, and enjoy the nightlife. You can spend some quality time at McAllen historical entertainment venue, Cine El Rey Theatre, or Valley Symphony Orchestra. McAllen also has a performing arts center.

You can shop at Trenton Crossing, Northcross Shopping Centre, Palms Crossing, Las Tiendas, or La Plaza Mall.

Move-in or Build Custom Homes

Another reason to build a house in McAllen is the availability of options in real estate. You can either choose to buy a move-in house in McAllen. Such houses are equipped with all the amenities and are well-furnished. Some homes are also approved as energy-saving homes due to the usage of construction materials that keep the home temperature liveable.

There are also custom homes in McAllen that allow you to get your home constructed as per your choice. These homes allow you to customize your home as per your desires. You can find both choices in McAllen.


These reasons should convince you to build a new home in McAllen. Weigh in your options and make a wise decision. For more information and assistance, contact us now.

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