5 Eco-Friendly Home Building Trends in McAllen

5 Eco-Friendly Home Building Trends in McAllen

McAllen is among the best cities in Texas to build your dream home. The city offers an unmatched balance of …

Solar panes on a roof
Solar panes on a roof

McAllen is among the best cities in Texas to build your dream home. The city offers an unmatched balance of affordability and quality of life.

So, if you’ve chosen McAllen, Texas, as your home project, you’ve made the right decision. Another right decision you can (and should) make is to build an eco-friendly home. In these trying times when global warming is a growing concern, it makes sense to make your home more efficient.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be expensive and eat into your budget.

In this article, let’s look at 5 eco-friendly home-building trends in McAllen you should look to leverage.

Sustainable Home-Building Trends to Embrace in McAllen

1.    Solar is the future in TexasSolar panels on house

Texas is known as a leader in fossil fuels, and it contributes directly to the state economy. But the future is somewhere else: in solar.

As an intense heat wave gripped the state in the summer of 2023 and residents feared power shortages, solar energy came to the rescue. Last year, solar provided nearly 20% of the state grid’s power. And this figure is likely going to increase.

Hence, if you are building your own home in RGV, installing solar panels is a growing trend you must follow. Texan cities like Austin and Galveston are regularly featured on the sunniest cities in the US list. McAllen isn’t that far away from either of the cities. And therefore, you should expect year-round sunshine to generate consistent solar power.

While, unfortunately, there’s no state-level solar tax credit, a federal solar tax credit is still available for homeowners in Texas. As of 2024, the credit is worth 26% of the total cost of your solar panel system installation.

This credit can be applied to your federal income taxes for the year the system is installed. The federal credit is scheduled to step down gradually in the coming years, so it’s a good incentive to take advantage of it while it’s still at a high rate.

2.    High-efficiency HVAC systemsEco-friendly HVAC

There’s a growing focus on sustainability and energy savings in both residential and commercial sectors. High-efficiency HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems are a key component of sustainable building practices, leading to increased adoption.

Installing high-efficiency HVAC systems in new homes in McAllen is crucial for sustainable home construction. These systems reduce power consumption, thereby reducing electricity bills.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems that operate at a fixed speed, high-efficiency systems utilize variable-speed compressors and fans. These components can adjust their speed based on the heating or cooling demands of the home, resulting in more precise and efficient operation.

High-efficiency systems with superior insulation and air sealing are often installed in homes. This helps minimize heat loss during the winter and heat gain during the summer, reducing the workload on the HVAC system and improving overall efficiency.

These systems also incorporate advanced heat exchange technology, such as heat pumps or heat exchangers, to extract heat from the air or ground and transfer it into the home during the winter (in heating mode) and remove heat from the home and expel it outside during the summer (in cooling mode).

So opt for high-efficiency HVAC units when building your new home in McAllen.

3.    Green roofingGreen roofing

Green roofing is a growing trend in the US, with some pockets of stronger adoption, such as Texas. Green roofing, also known as living roofing or vegetated roofing, involves the installation of a layer of vegetation and soil on the roof of a building.

This roofing arrangement is beneficial for several reasons, especially in McAllen, Texas.

Texas experiences scorching temperatures, especially during the summer months. Green roofing helps mitigate urban heat island effects by absorbing and dissipating heat through evapotranspiration, reducing the temperature of the roof surface and the surrounding air. This can help lower cooling costs for homes and buildings by reducing the need for air conditioning.

In Texas, where air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of household energy usage, green roofing can lead to substantial savings on utility bills while enhancing thermal comfort indoors.

Besides high sunshine, Texas also experiences high stormwater during stormy days. Green roofing helps prevent flooding and erosion while replenishing groundwater supplies.

Lastly, green roofs provide habitat and forage opportunities for birds, insects, and other wildlife, promoting biodiversity in urban areas. Don’t be surprised if you wake up to cute chirping birds every day.

4.    Sustainable building materialsEco-friendly house plans

Sustainable building materials are in demand not only in Texas but around the world.

These materials play a vital role in eco-friendly construction practices by minimizing environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

Certain materials are also designed to enhance energy efficiency and improve indoor air quality.

Sustainable materials you should consider for your home construction in McAllen are:

  • Bamboo: Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource with an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, making it suitable for structural and decorative purposes in construction.
  • Recycled steel: Steel produced from recycled scrap metal reduces the demand for virgin steel production, conserving energy and natural resources while minimizing waste.
  • Recycled glass: Recycled glass can be used in various building applications, including countertops, tiles, insulation, and decorative elements, reducing the need for virgin materials and diverting glass waste from landfills.
  • Reclaimed Wood: Salvaged or reclaimed wood from old buildings, barns, or industrial structures can be repurposed for flooring, paneling, furniture, and structural elements. This promotes reuse and minimizes deforestation.
  • Cork: Cork is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees without harming the trees, making it a renewable and sustainable material for flooring, insulation, and wall coverings.
  • Straw bale: Straw bales are an agricultural byproduct that can be used as insulating materials in walls, providing excellent thermal performance and promoting carbon sequestration.

5.    Multi-functional spaces

Rising housing costs and smaller living spaces are driving the need for rooms to serve multiple purposes. While the cost of home building is usually not a constraint in McAllen, it makes sense to have multi-functional spaces, at least from a sustainability standpoint.

Multi-functional spaces enable homeowners to make the most of available areas. This reduces the overall footprint of the home and minimizes the need for excessive construction materials and resources.

By consolidating functions such as living, dining, and working areas within a single space, fewer materials are required for partitions, walls, and separate rooms, leading to resource conservation and reduced environmental impact.

Such spaces also promote efficient heating, cooling, and lighting strategies by consolidating activities within a shared space.

For example, integrating the kitchen, dining, and living areas into an open-plan layout allows for better natural light penetration, reducing the need for artificial lighting during the day. Additionally, zoning systems and smart controls can optimize HVAC usage based on occupancy and activity levels, further reducing energy consumption and operational costs.

So, get creative with your interior design and build multi-functional spaces for your family. It takes care of the environment, too!

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