7 Landscaping Ideas for Your McAllen Property

7 Landscaping Ideas for Your McAllen Property

If you’re looking for some landscaping ideas specific to the McAllen, Texas, region, this article is for you. Here are 7 options that will suit your property.

Happy family is standing near their modern private house, smiling and looking at camera.
Happy family is standing near their modern private house, smiling and looking at camera.

If you’re looking for some landscaping ideas specific to the McAllen, Texas, region, this article is for you. Here, we will list 7 options that will suit your property. Pick one that aligns with your tastes.

1. Lined-up walkway

Lined-up walkways visually separate different areas of your landscape, creating a sense of flow and organization. This is especially helpful in McAllen’s flat topography.

First and foremost, walkways provide a clear path through your yard, regardless of the season. In McAllen’s hot summers, they offer shade and a cooler walking surface compared to bare ground. Opt for heat-reflective materials like light-colored pavers, flagstone, and decomposed granite. These will stay cooler underfoot during McAllen’s hot summers.

But what should accompany the walkway on the sides? Consider planting trees or shrubs strategically along the walkway to provide dappled shade during peak sun hours. This will make the walkway more comfortable to use in the afternoon heat. Choose drought-tolerant varieties like Texas redbud or desert willow. You can also consider shrubs, plants, and strategically placed stones or bricks.

Some homeowners also prefer to install low-voltage LED lights along the walkway for added safety and nighttime ambiance. This is a practical touch that also adds a touch of elegance.

2. Hardscaping surrounded by native plants

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When building your own home in RGV, it is essential to dedicate a place to sit and relax outside of your home in the morning and evening hours. And a hardscaping section surrounded by native plants can fill that need.

Another benefit of hardscapes is they’re easy to maintain than lawns. You won’t have to water the plants or prune or shape the plants. However, regular sweeping to remove debris and occasional power washing to remove stains may be needed.

Note that there are different types of hardscaping. You can opt for fire pits or decks and patios or gazebos. Decks and patios are often the preferred options since they offer the highest utility. You can essentially extend your living space and host evening parties or get-togethers outdoors.

So first, decide where you want your hardscape area to be and what you’ll use it for. This will influence the size, shape, and materials you choose.

Hardscaping materials like pavers, stones, and gravel can be chosen to complement the architectural style of your McAllen home. This creates a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing outdoor environment.

3. Foliage-rich slopes alongside stairs

Slopes can be fantastic landscaping projects for McAllen homes, especially when approached with the right strategy. Given the flat topography of McAllen and the RGV region, the appearance of slopes can be enticing.

Of all the sloping projects, the one that’s often recommended is terraced sloping. Terraced slopes can create usable space on different levels. You can utilize it as stairways into the patio or porch section of the property. These are also suited for homes at an elevated level.

When designing slopes for new homes in McAllen, you should also consider soil erosion. McAllen’s dry climate can make slopes susceptible to erosion. Planting drought-tolerant, deep-rooted plants on slopes helps hold the soil in place. Consider using hardscaping elements like retaining walls or rocks for added stability on steeper slopes.

For plantation, choose drought-tolerant plants with deep root systems to prevent erosion. Consider native Texas plants like cenizo trees, yuccas, or verbena.

4. Drought-tolerant landscaping

The RGV region is characterized by a subtropical climate with hot summers and mild winters. Rainfalls are scarce and unevenly distributed throughout the year. Southern Texas farmers are always at the receiving end of rainfall shortages. And this shortfall also makes property owners think twice about lush and green landscaping.

In such cases, you can opt for drought-tolerant landscaping. Drought-tolerant landscaping is all about using plants and design choices that thrive in the hot, dry climates of the Rio Grande Valley (RGV).

Texas has a treasure trove of drought-tolerant native plants that are perfectly suited for the RGV climate. Think cenizo trees with pretty purple blooms, yuccas with their spiky charm, or verbena with vibrant flowers. These guys are pros at surviving on little water.

You should aid the plants with a layer of mulch. Mulch around your plants acts like a tiny blanket, helping retain moisture in the soil and keeping those roots cool. Plus, it cuts down on weeds, which are like water stealers.

For drought-prone areas, you can also draw inspiration from xeriscaping. Xeriscaping is a landscaping approach specifically designed for dry climates like McAllen’s. It uses a combination of water-wise plants, smart design principles, and efficient watering to reduce your water usage dramatically.

5. Water feature to entertain guests

It’s impossible to imagine a landscape without some form of water feature. It could be in the form of a fountain, a pool, a pond, or even a birdbath. Whatever it may be, it’s recommended that you have at least one water element in your back or front yard.

The most common feature is a fountain. The sound of trickling water from a fountain can be incredibly calming and create a peaceful ambiance in your outdoor space. Not to mention they beautify your garden and are a source of attraction at a party.

There are different types of fountains. Tiered fountains are the classic fountains where water cascades down multiple levels, creating a calming sound and visual interest. They can be grand or more compact, depending on your space and preference.

For compact spaces, you can opt for wall fountains. These space-saving fountains are mounted on a wall and create a sheet of cascading water or a single spout. They’re ideal for adding a water feature to a limited area like a courtyard or patio.

In case you have a bigger budget, you can go for a pond or mini swimming pool. Depending on the scope, you can expect a bill of around $10,000 to $50,000.

6. Vertical gardens for small yards

Talking of compact spaces, vertical gardens are a perfect fit for those with smaller yards. Vertical gardens are a fantastic way to add greenery and visual interest to any landscape, and they’re especially well-suited for McAllen homes.

Vertical gardens maximize space by utilizing walls and fences. They’re perfect for small patios, balconies, or areas where traditional gardening isn’t feasible.

Furthermore, vertical gardens consume less water to maintain their greenery. Thus, they can promote water conservation by using drip irrigation systems that deliver water directly to the roots of plants, minimizing evaporation – a big plus in McAllen’s dry climate.

Many homeowners also opt to have vertical gardens indoors. So you can switch to indoor installation in case there’s flooding or hurricanes, both of which are not uncommon in the RGV region.

7. Solar-powered landscape

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The last landscaping idea for McAllen homes is something that’s better for the planet (and for your pocket). If you can invest in solar panels, opt for solar-powered landscaping.

Solar-powered landscaping utilizes sunlight to operate various outdoor features, reducing your reliance on conventional electricity and saving you money in the long run.

You can install solar panels, solar fountains, solar lighting, and a solar irrigation system to power your back or front yard.

By harnessing solar energy, you’re minimizing your environmental impact and contributing to a more sustainable future. This is a great way to make your McAllen home more eco-conscious.

Make Way for Beautiful Landscape Designs Now!

All in all, the right landscaping goes beyond just aesthetics—it transforms your homes and neighborhoods into inviting, enjoyable spaces. It boosts property values, promotes environmental health, and fosters a sense of community pride.

If you want to create a more beautiful, sustainable, and welcoming place for everyone to enjoy, a custom home builder in RGV can help. At Guzman Construction, we’re dedicated to bringing your vision of the perfect landscaping to life. With our skilled team and proven success in McAllen, you can count on a smooth, satisfying experience. Contact us today to learn more.

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