5 Reasons Why You Should Call a Custom Home Builder Over a Contractor

5 Reasons Why You Should Call a Custom Home Builder Over a Contractor

A contractor deals with a team of subcontractors to get things done. While, a custom home builder specializes in building homes from start to finish.

Foreman showing house design construction plan to a happy young couple new house real estate concept
Foreman showing house design construction plan to a happy young couple new house real estate concept

Home is where the heart is, so it would make sense to put your all into making it the perfect haven. While the project to build your home from the ground up and planning every detail may be enticing, it would be in your best long-term interest to enlist the help of professionals to ensure you are going about it in the best and most efficient fashion. Here is where your custom home builder comes into the picture.

Read on to learn more about custom home builders, how they differ from contractors and how they will make your new home in McAllen a beautiful reality.

Custom Home Builders vs. Contractors

Architects and Engineers Planning on a New Project

While some may use the terms synonymously, custom home builders and contractors work in very different capacities, and enlisting the help of one over the other can make a huge difference in the home-building process and the eventual outcome.

In the simplest of terms, a contractor could be seen as someone who deals with a team of subcontractors. They deal with different types of construction-related things in your home. In contrast, a custom home builder specializes in building homes and can take charge of special custom projects from start to finish.

Given below are five reasons why a custom home builder would benefit you more than a simple contractor:

Advantages of a Custom Home Builder over a Contractor

There from the A to the Z

Family meeting real-estate agent to buy new home

General contractors enter your home building project only when the construction plans have already been set and are ready to begin. Since they work to hire people to do different building projects, they can only act once a blueprint is in place.

On the other hand, a custom home builder comes into the picture on day 1. They accompany you from the day you start the project to the day it ends. They handle most of the nitty-gritty of home building, all while keeping your vision in mind.

By the end of your time with a custom home builder, they can even hand you the keys to a fully furnished home. A custom home builder allows you to take a hands-off or hands-on approach to the building process. It ensures your home-building process never stagnates or strays from the goal.

Reliable support networks

With regard to building your own home in RGV, a general contractor may have employees under them who can help with the various projects. But, a custom home builder goes one step further.

With extensive networks and more personalized employee-company on-call or in-office teams, a custom home builder is more reliable. Even if they need to reach out to individuals (like architects and designers) outside their company, they often already have dependable contacts and relationships that help them address the entire building process effortlessly.

Specialized custom home-building skills

A man working building a home and measuring some wood

While a general contractor may have handled various projects, building a custom home is, frankly speaking, not their area of expertise. This often results in homeowners having to hire additional professionals like architects to draw up plans which can then be given to the contractor. On the other hand, the custom home builders would most likely handle the aforementioned areas of the job themselves. As mentioned before, they’re here from A to Z.

Large building projects are better tackled

Foreman showing house design construction plan to a happy young couple new house real estate concept

Large building projects that involve building structures from the ground up would best benefit from the help of a custom home builder. Since they have extensive practice and experience in this specialized field, they know how to best deal with such building endeavors. They have in-house capabilities that would make them most suitable for such projects.

Less expensive and more flexible

Credit cards and dollars in cash

In the long term, general contractors tend to be more expensive and less flexible than custom home builders. They have to deal with many different crews, all hired to handle different parts of the already planned home. Any changes would be seen as deviating from the original plan and thus unwelcome, as it would require re-negotiation with the various subcontractors.

That being said, though more expensive, contractor projects tend to end quickly as the sooner the project is over, the more profit they make.

So, All Set?

We at Guzman Construction work with the motto that while great work is never easy, it is always worth it. We are custom home builders RGV who guarantee 100% commitment to the cause and vision of your home and promise customers the highest-quality residential and commercial construction services available.



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