Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space in McAllen: Tips and Tricks

Creating a Beautiful Outdoor Space in McAllen: Tips and Tricks

Do you want to beautify your outdoor space and add life to it? There is so much you can do …

Happy family eating together outdoors. Smiling generation family sitting at dining table during dinner. Happy cheerful family enjoying meal together in garden.
Happy family eating together outdoors. Smiling generation family sitting at dining table during dinner. Happy cheerful family enjoying meal together in garden.

Do you want to beautify your outdoor space and add life to it? There is so much you can do with your outdoor space. You can keep it simple and minimalistic. Alternatively, you can enhance its functionality and add a pinch of personality. To help you out, here are a few tips and tricks that will help you beautify your outdoor space in McAllen. Have a look.

Tips and Tricks to Create Beautiful Outdoor Spaces in McAllen

Weigh your options

When beautifying your outdoor space in McAllen, ideas are unlimited. But, in either case, you need a master plan and a clear set of goals for what you would like to achieve with your outdoor space.

For this reason, the decision should be made in alignment with the needs of your family members. Do you want to keep the space private, or would you like it to be a hangout place? Who will benefit the most from the space? Are you looking to make it safer for elders and kids?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can narrow down the utility options for your outdoor space.

Create clear walking paths

You might want to create a clear walking path to make the outdoor space accessible. This will allow everyone to follow the clear path to the sitting area or the main area of the outdoor space.

To define a clear walking path, you can embed big marbles and stones within the soil. Such an arrangement also keeps your outdoor space well-maintained and clean. You can also add lights and plants on both sides of the walking path to make it more specific.

Add a seating area

Adding a seating area to the outdoor space is perfect if you have kids and seniors at home. You can create a personal oasis for your evening snacks. It can also act as a place for kids to burn some energy.

Spacious villa patio with comfortable stylish rattan furniture set

Once you have decided to add a seating area, the next task is choosing furniture suitable for outdoor use. Outdoor furniture is made differently to withstand different weather conditions. You can add chairs and a table with a canopy for a simplistic and durable look.

A mix of metal and wood is the most durable outdoor furniture material. Additionally, you can add outdoor rugs and throw pillows made of comfortable outdoor fabric to elevate the look and feel of your outdoor seating area. Adding a canopy on top may also help you protect it from direct sunlight.

Add a kids’ playing area

If your outdoor space is big enough and you have kids at home, you can also turn your outdoor space into a safe kids’ play area. You can add mini slides and a swing to make it suitable for toddlers. Adding a mini pool is also a great idea.

Cover the ground or keep it green

Instead of covering the whole outdoor space with stone or gravel, we recommend keeping the outdoor space as green as possible. Popular RGV home builders keep the pathway tiled or cemented and leave the rest green.

Modern backyard with entertaining area and pool in stylish Australian home

In fact, not just grass; you can also choose to add potted plants to the green area. You can use plants that purify the air, are easy to maintain, and keep rodents and flies away. You may need to research the plants suitable for your area. Some of the top choices include lemongrass, snake plant, areca palm, ZZ, and ferns. You can also include flowering plants like petunias and more.


If you want to keep your outdoor space functional even at night, add appropriate lighting to your outdoor seating area. These light fixtures can be installed within the ground to light up the seating pathway.

You can also invest in rechargeable mini lamps, solar lanterns, and string lights for more sustainable lighting options.

No doubt, lighting adds to the functionality of your outdoor area and also adds extra oomph to your home’s appearance. It also makes it safe to access the outdoor space at night.

Add a water element

If a pool is out of your budget, add another water element, like a little water foundation, to your outdoor space.

You can talk to your design-build contractor about your needs, and they may come up with something interesting.

Use motorized screens

Adding motorized screens may require many changes, but they can provide a luxurious look to your home. Adding retractable motorized screens means covering the outdoor area with mirror screens to maximize usage. Once covered, the outdoor area can be used throughout the year without weather restrictions. Patio screens have become quite popular recently due to their convenience and added benefits like protection against UV rays, insects, and weather conditions.


You can install high-end upholstery, lighting, fixtures, and fans and have them designed just like your home’s interiors. You can also choose to make your outdoor space cozier by adding a fireplace or HVAC. Getting your furniture designed specifically across the length and breadth of your outdoor seating area is also one of the options. Add an outdoor kitchen.

Add an outdoor kitchen

Adding an outdoor kitchen is also a popular idea to extend the purpose of your outdoor space. If you love to throw dinner and BBQ nights, adding an outdoor kitchen will be your best decision.

Trendy outdoor patio pergola shade structure, awning and patio roof, dining table, chairs, metal grill surrounded by landscaping

It is important to mention that space is not a constraint when turning your outdoor space into an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen requires two slabs – running vertically and horizontally, or both slabs running parallel to each other, as the space and design demand. The first slab is used as the cooking area, where the BBQ station or pizza oven fits. The second slab has a dual purpose. It can be used for cooking preparation as well as a dining area. You can add cabinets for extra storage below the slabs.

An outdoor kitchen can be made of steel, wood, or stone. You can have it semi-covered to make it more functional. Also, you can give it a cool look by installing fancy fans, high-rise chairs at the dining table, and more.

Your Turn

If you have a custom-built home in McAllen, you can get creative with your outdoor space. You can also take the help of RGV home builders to extend its functionality and beautify it.

From adding a seating area to converting it into a kid’s play area and an outdoor kitchen, there are ample options to utilize an empty outdoor space. For beautification, you can add lights, more potted plants, luxurious outdoor furniture, and, most importantly, maintain everything well. Adding motorized retractable screens is entirely next-level and will make your outdoor space as comfortable as indoors. Plus, you can also enjoy beautiful outside views through glass screens.

So, how do you plan to beautify your outdoor space? Contact a design build contractor to explore more.


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